Babies (3 Months -  2 Years)

Our baby room is a bright and inviting space that caters directly for the needs of your child. We offer a variety of daily activities which stimulate and aid your child to reach their developmental milestones, these activities include sensory, physical and social exploration.

We visit the park often and also the local care home. We have lots of outdoor play too and enjoy going on nature walks and having parachute games and picnics too!

Toddlers (2 - 3 Years)

In our toddler room we aim to capture the child's interests through a combination of free play and structured activities.

We have lots of sand, water and small world play as well as lots of other activities! At times we will also take all of our activities outside as well as sleep and have our meals outdoors in the fresh air.

We visit the park and the local care home to give us more opportunities to explore the community. Our visits to the care home benefit both the children and elderly immensely!

We also aim to develop the child's independence and self care by encouraging potty training and dressing themselves, to support their transition into the Preschool room.